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Patchwork pouch

Patchwork pouch

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Introducing our stylish, unique, and cool mini pouch crafted from upcycled jeans. This compact and practical design effortlessly fits into your pocket or small bag, adding a touch of sporty and casual flair to your look. What makes it even cooler? It's a sustainable choice, as we've transformed leftover jeans into this trendy jeans pouch.

The pouch features a fully lined interior and securely closes with a metal clasp. With dimensions measuring 17 cm wide, 11 cm tall, and 2.5 cm deep, it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and style.

***Please note that each of these items is handmade, resulting in slight variations in measurements and forms depending on how the fabric is cut and sewn. We've made every effort to accurately represent the design and colors. However, keep in mind that the colors of this article may vary. Embrace the uniqueness of your handmade pouch!.

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